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Coming Seminars

2023-10-04 JAPAN TAIKAI (Honbu Dojo, Japan)

”Gratitude to Sōke Masaaki Hatsumi”, this Taikai will be in Honbu Dojo and is organised by Pedro Fleitas…

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Nagato Taikai Finland 2023

2023-11-17 NAGATO TAIKAI (Helsinki, FIN)

WELCOME TO FINLAND IT’S HAPPENING We are extremely happy to announce – Nagato Sensei visiting Scandinavia and Northern Europe for the first time ever!Nagato Taikai…

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Noguchi Chicago Taikai 2024

2024-02-02 NOGUCHI TAIKAI (Chicago, USA)

Get ready for an incredible martial arts experience that will change your life! The BUJINKAN 2024 NOGUCHI TAIKAI is coming to Chicago, and you won’t…

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2024-05-17 NAGATO TAIKAI (Vilnius, Lithuania)

This event is truly an ‘ichigo-ichie’ 一期一会, “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity for us in Lithuania. We are eager to offer Nagato Sensei our hospitality and we are dedicated…

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Nagato Oregon Taikai 2024

2024-07-26 NAGATO TAIKAI (Oregon, USA)

Rob Bascue and Mark Vandehey of Northwest Bujinkan are hosting a US Tai Kai featuring Nagato Sensei on July 26-28, 2024 in Oregon. More information…

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