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Coming Seminars

2024-04-06 MATS HJELM (Helsinki, FIN)

Mats Hjelm Jitte jutsu seminaari 5-7.4.2024 Seminaarilla harjoitellaan Jiten käyttöä. Jitte yleistyi Japanissa poliisin ja vartioiden käytössä Edokaudella. Bujinkanin katat Jitelle tulevat Kukishinderyusta. Seminaari on…

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2024-05-17 NAGATO TAIKAI (Vilnius, Lithuania)

This event is truly an ‘ichigo-ichie’ 一期一会, “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity for us in Lithuania. We are eager to offer Nagato Sensei our hospitality and we are dedicated…

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Nagato Oregon Taikai 2024

2024-07-26 NAGATO TAIKAI (Oregon, USA)

Rob Bascue and Mark Vandehey of Northwest Bujinkan are hosting a US Tai Kai featuring Nagato Sensei on July 26-28, 2024 in Oregon. More information…

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2024-08-23 NOGUCHI TAIKAI (Prague, CZ)

NOGUCHI SENSEI TAIKAI PRAGUECZECH REPUBLIC23.–25. AUGUST 2024 Click here for more information…

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Shiraishi Taikai Finland

2024-11-15 SHIRAISHI TAIKAI (Helsinki, FIN)

A Taikai event in Helsinki, Finland with Daishihan Isamu Shiraishi will take place on November 15th – 17th, 2024. More information on the exact location, schedule…

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