2022-09-24 TA(NJŌB)IKAI

It is Kaigozan Dojo’s Birthday!
It is Mats Hjelm’s Birthday!
It is Daniel Bodin’s Birthday!
It is Everyone’s Birthday!

Even if it is not your Birthday, come and celebrate your Birthday with us anyway. We have cake for Everyone!

The seminar is at Lilla Alby Skola gymhall in Sundbyberg. 
We start training at 10:00 and finish 16:00.
Seminar fee is 500SEK to be paid before training starts.

Instructor/s is a surprise. You know us, did we ever do a seminar with a bad instructor? We promise you good training and fun. To make it easy for us, do not ask us about anything. Just show up, bring your Keikogi and play with us. We will be there and it will be good training.

After training we will go out to eat dinner and celebrate the real birthday boy. You are invited to join the fun!