2023-03-03 NOGUCHI TAIKAI (Orlando, USA)

We at BKRBUDO are proud to host Noguchi Sensei again this coming March 3, 4 & 5th, 2023.  Last year in Las Vegas we had a ton of fun, and many memories were made. Join us for the fun again this year in sunny Florida as we celebrate our martial art and its traditions at the Luxurious Doubletree Hotel at Orlando Airport. The theme is Kihon of the various Bujinkan Schools, we have five fantastic guest instructors to guide us through extra training during Noguchi Sensei’s breaks. Sean will give a lecture on the Hidden Lineage again. Over 10.5 hours of training with Noguchi Sensei, over 18 hours of training total! Space is limited to 350 attendees max at this time, come and enjoy this opportunity to train with one of the best masters in the Bujinkan Martial Arts.

More information at the Official web site