2022-02-12 Mats Hjelm at Kaigozan Dojo

I decided to teach/train by themes from this year on. So the theme for the first two months will be Ninja Biken and Taijutsu, ending with a mini seminar at the Kaigozan Dojo.

The techniques covered will be the six 忍者八方秘剣 NINJA HAPPO BIKEN techniques from the Togakure-ryu with many variations,

1. 飛龍之剣 HIRYŪ NO KEN
3. 無想之剣 MUSŌ NO KEN
4. 打扣之剣 DATŌ NO KEN
5. 一閃之剣 ISSEN NO KEN
6. 雷光之剣 RAIKŌ NO KEN

These techniques are the “Ninja sword” against the “Samurai sword”, from here we will study the fundamental idea of each technique and how it is connected to our Taijutsu. 

I will teach this theme on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:00 to 21:00 at Kaigozan Dojo the following dates January 4, 6, 13, 25 and February 1, 3, 10. And then finish with a mini seminar on Saturday February 12’th at 13:00-17:00. The training fee is included for all members of Kaigozan Dojo. For all others it is 100 SEK for weekday trainings and 200 SEK for the mini seminar.