The Bujinkan Seminar Database


Good news, I have a new seminar database up, it is different. Setting up a forum was much easier than fixing the code to the new one.

If you are a web master please support this effort by adding the seminar list to your own web site. If you have Wordpress or any other modern CMS it is super easy. Add the RSS app to where you want the list displayed and use this RSS url (International Seminars) (Swedish Seminars)
Here is how it looks like (with this specific theme). Here is another example.

To add and edit seminars you have to go to the forum board and sign up, then you go to the proper board and add your seminars.

Also please join the discussions at the forum!

/Mats January 15'th 2020

Here is the reason why it's not working. I made this database a long time ago and it has been working but not used much outside Sweden. I had to upgrade the PHP version on the server, and now the new PHP code is not compatible with the Server. I don't have time to learn coding again, and I'm not very interested doing it either. If someone is interested go through the code and fix update from php5 to php7 you are welcome. If I find something simple ready code to just install and tweak it, I might do it.

This service might be dead forever, maybe? I hate to see everyone forcing people to Facebook for finding seminars. I might try to do something? Maybe?

/Mats January 2'nd 2020