Kukan: Nai Ga Aru seminar in Stockholm

Apr 16-17 - Stockholm

Shawn Gray will be teaching at Bujinkan Bushin Dojo, Sveavägen 130, Svea kampsport center, Stockholm, Sweden

Shawn will come to Europe in April, after visiting Japan on the way, and teach Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. He is one of the most skilled practitioners and teachers outside Japan, where he lived for almost two decades. We will explore the theme Kukan: Nai Ga Aru, which is about making use of the empty spots or gaps in things in self defense applications. Cost is 800 SEK or 90 Euro, pay on arrival. We will work from 10.00-17.00 Saturday & 10:00-16:00 Sunday. There will also most likely be some activity on Saturday night. We will be at Bujinkan Bushin Dojo (Svea Kampsportcenter), Sveavägen 130 in Stockholm. Possible to sleep in the dojo. (registration 9.30-10.00 on 16/4). PLEASE SHARE!

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